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Review of the Super Zapper Deluxe

I have decided to focus on the Dr. Clark Research Association’s “Super Zapper DeLuxe 2006” zapper for this review. I’ve had mine for quite a while now, and it is a solidly constructed unit. Physically, the size is just right for portability. Compared to most other Zappers the Super Zapper Deluxe is quite difficult to use, and for best results the manufacturer recommends using their very expensive Program Driver chips.

I first got the idea for reviewing devices based upon the work of Dr. Hulda Clark after researching the latest comparison charts that are available online. All the resources I discovered were lacking in some respect, and there is no central repository of unbiased, professional reviews of these wonderful machines. I hope this information helps many people, especially the good folks at curezone. Even if my words are only read by one earnest researcher, I will count this venture worthwhile. Without any more introduction this is my review of the latest Zapper from the Dr. Clark Research Association in Switzerland.

First Impression

Out of the box this is an excellent looking Zapper. It has a nice finished look and appears to be well designed.

This Zapper comes complete with a very nice carrying case and yellow Wrist Cuffs. Unfortunately there are no Copper Tube-type electrodes included in the package which currently costs $189 at the Tools For Healing.

On a personal note, I do believe this Zapper is not based on Dr. Clark’s current practice, as she is very clear in writing in her latest book, The Prevention of All Cancers, that “No matter what frequency your zapper is set at (within reason), it kills large and small invaders: flukes, roundworms, mites, bacteria, viruses and fungi. It kills them all at once, in seven minutes, even at 5 volts.”

Note that this Zapper will work just fine without a Program Driver chip, but it is not easy to figure out – take some time to read the instructions that come with it.

So I do not believe that Program Driver chips are necessary. I have also heard that Dr. Clark has never owned a Super Zapper Deluxe, although I have not personally verified this fact. She is said to use only Zappers from Healthy Signs in California.

Zapper Specifications:

Here are some of the manufacturer’s stated specifications:

  • LCD display shows frequency, program steps, voltage, battery charge, remaining time.
  • Optional Programming software/hardware for Program Drivers and Smart Keys is now available!
  • Simpler handling, voltage can easily be changed.
  • Power consumption lowered again; unit uses only 2 batteries instead of 3.
  • Includes both wrist bands and a pair of gel electrodes (for sensitive skin).
  • Outputs residual voltage of 0.25V as now requested by Dr. Hulda Clark.
  • All units can generate a frequency of 1000Hz that is needed to run Dr. Clark’s food zappicator.
  • Ultrasound welded case.

Constant output powered by two “AA” batteries. Interestingly, this Zapper can have an output between 9 and 15 volts. You can program your own voltage into the Zapper. Default output is approximately 30kHz with a Positive offset. The square wave thus generated is clean and has a 50% duty cycle.

Zapper Accessories

The Super Zapper DeLuxe 2006 is now compatible with the Tooth Zappicator! I came across this happy news while searching for a good Tooth Zappicator and found it at the popular Tools For Healing website. It comes with its own Program Driver to modify the frequency to the lower Zappicator frequency.

I will take a closer look at the Tooth Zappicator in a forthcoming Zapper Review.

Pictures of the Super Zapper Deluxe 2006 Biowave Generator

Pictures will be posted when I can figure out how to move them from my camera to the computer. Pardon my ignorance but this is my first blog after all.

Using the Super Zapper Deluxe

This Zapper requires a bit of work to figure out, technically, and it is not easily apparent how to make it zap at 30kHz for 7 minutes. I decided to leave it at the default settings because I do not wish to use the Program Driver chips.

As a side note I have been on the internet for a couple years now and have done a lot of painstaking research to discover that Program Drivers provide little or no benefit to the user. They also cost a lot of money which I cannot afford to spend. I would be glad to test the Program Drivers otherwise.

The yellow wrist cuffs included with the Super Zapper are yellow in color and soft to the touch, apparently made from fabric wrapped around a foam core. They dry out quickly and decrease the efficacy of my zapping session, but a little water applied at the beginning and middle of each cycle soon fixes that problem.

Also included with the Super Zapper are gel electrodes. I do not enjoy slimy things and will not test these electrodes.

The wires that attach the wrist cuffs to the Super Zapper are thin and flexible. They appear to be much thinner than the wires included with my other Zappers, plugging in to the Super Zapper with a normal telephone connector attachment. I have read that this arrangement is flimsy and I tend to agree with that assessment. I always try to be careful when plugging and unplugging my Zapper wires.

Zapping is pleasant with the Super Zapper Deluxe. I do not feel anything aside from a small “tingly” feeling when the wrist cuffs become too dry. I tend to associate the feeling of “tingly” with bad Zapper conductance. Setting the voltage adjustment higher (I tested up to 15v) or lower (9v) does not seem to affect the results I obtain by Zapping. I have been Zapping for many years already and expected to notice a difference when the voltage is changed but surprisingly this is not the case here.

Dr. Clark does write in “The Cure for All Diseases” that voltage higher than 10v can potentially be counter-productive when Zapping. Perhaps there is no reason to test this feature beyond 11 or 12 volts. In any event I have experienced my desired results at 9v so I will stay with this level of output. I also believe that battery life will decrease if the voltage is increased. Battery life appears to be 3-6 months depending on how often I Zap. I consider 3-6 months of Zapping to be adequate.


The Super Zapper Deluxe 2006 is a solid, professional looking Zapper which anybody would be proud to own. It looks good and behaves properly. I trust the output of this Zapper and would recommend it to anybody who has a lot of money to spend on a Zapping device, provided they understand the following points.

The Good:

  1. Excellent looking Zapper
  2. Sturdy carrying case included
  3. Good clean Zapping output as expected
  4. Utilises standardized “AA” type batteries

The Bad:

  1. Not designed for casual users, complicated
  2. Weak wires connect to the Wrist Cuff electrodes
  3. Wrist Cuff electrodes dry out quickly
  4. Average battery life

Of course you may draw your own conclusions regarding this device but I will give it a B which is very good. At a price of $150, and if the Wires were thicker, I might have given it an A-.


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